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Mature content
The Night I Lived :iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 1 0
For just a little longer.
For tomorrow.
For later.
For seven, no, ten years.
For the future.
I've spent my whole life,
Sitting on the hard chairs in the waiting room.
It's time for me to get up.
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 1 0
The Colour of Bedtime
Bedtime is white skin
cream tea
green pillows
saltpepperblackwhite blankets
greyblackblack clothes
pinkwhitepink allergy pills
tanred scars
bloodred sheets
redblack darkness
yellow fear
crimson lust
lime envy
blue regret
white memories
every shade of the rainbow but sleep
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 0 0
Mature content
2 Is Better Than 1 :iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 1 0
It hurts so much.
Everything inside of me hurts.
I can't catch my breath.
My tears are dehydrating me in their frequency falling.
I'd trade anything to be numb.  Even for a moment.
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 1 0
So Far Away
Any other night, you'd be wiping the tears from my eyes.
Tonight, I do it on my own.
It feels all wrong, but I do it anyway.
You're not here;
You're in a warmer place, maybe a better place.
And I'll tell myself what I told you;
'It hurts because I love you.'
That's why it hurts;
Because, you're gone now.
So far away.
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 1 1
So, No Babies? by BreathingIsOptional So, No Babies? :iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 0 5
Dear Soul,
Dear Soul,
I know how strong you are; how strong of a person that you are. I know your character, and how quickly you'll fight for someone who needs it, worthy cause or not. I know how many threats you make, and how many you keep, and I know you'd die protecting someone you don't even know.
I know that when someone makes fun of people with different sexualities, you want to jump in and defend them, but most of the time, you don't. When they sneer 'Faggot' in the hallway, you want to step over and throw a punch; deliver a witty barb, but you don't. When you hear people use 'Gay' as an insult, you want to explain what it really means, but you don't.
When people ask why you even care; you're so happy with your own boyfriend, you want to explain why you care.
But you don't.
Be Brave
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 1 0
Teach Me
Teach me to love you
Teach me to be a part of you
Teach me to be happy
Teach me to hold my tongue
Teach me when to be silent
Teach me to be ashamed
Teach me to bleed
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 0 9
What is a lie but a promise to be truthful later?
We decieve each other to protect each other.
Me, from you,
And you, from me.
I promise that I'm eating.
You promise that you're being careful.
But I can see your bruises
And you can see my bones.
I don't understand
Everything you say to me so sweetly
'You're always with me.'
'You're in my soul.'
'We're a part of each other.'
Where does it go when you're sad?
Do you forget that I love you?
I've never forgotten that you love me.
Step back
Put the knife down
Don't be afraid
I'm here.
Put your arms around me
I'm always here
I promise.
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 1 1
One Won't Hurt
Little white lies on the back of my hand
Just like the little white scars on my arms
One more won't hurt
One more won't hurt me
Will it?
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 0 0
What Anger Does
'I'm anger,
'I'm here to destroy you.
'I'm here to break apart friendships;
'I'm here to wreack havoc on your life.
'I'm here to make you hurt people;
'And to make you hurt yourself.
'I brought some friends with me.'
'I'm guilt,
'I'm here to steal from you.
'I'm here for your happiness;
'And for your carefree joy.
'I'm here to make you cry.
'I'm here to make you judge yourself.'
'I'm pain,
'I'm here for you.
'I don't want little pieces like my friends do.
'No, I'm here to take ALL of you.'
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 0 0
Watchful Fear
You know who you are, reading this over the shoulder of the child you bore.
Maybe you think that we don't know.
Only parents are supposed to have eyes in the back of their heads,
But we're growing up, too,
Getting older,
Gathering intelligence.
It's not so hard to realize that you don't want us to grow up,
And you want into the lives we're trying to lead;
It was easier when we were small,
Reliant on you for everything,
Unable to even eat without you-
We were dependant on you to survive.
Of course, then, you couldn't wait for us to grow up,
So we could live our lives, in a way.
You could have some privacy and live your own lives,
Away from us a little.
Now that we did grow up, though,
You want back in.
It's a common case of not wanting what you have when you have it,
And wanting what you don't have now that it's gone.
Now, it's our turn.
Let us have the privacy you craved from us.
How are we to grow up if you hold our hands at every step?
Where is the trust?
Let us be who we are,
And sc
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 0 5
The Real Me
I don't know if I can do this, but I can try.
-Sometimes the girl cries,
And that's what you see,
But that is that girl,
And this girl is me.
This girl loves to smile,
And she loves to sing,
This girl loves to laugh,
And swing on the swings.
And this girl usually
HATES poems that rhyme,
But I'll make an exception,
Just this one time.
This girl loves to love,
And watch anime,
And can't think of what rhymes,
With that one today.
So, this poem sucks,
But it should make -him- smile,
And that's good enough,
For a little while.
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 1 4
The Hardest Part
It's easy. No problems. Just don't die, and you exist.
It's harder. Still easy, though. Just do something, and you live.
It's easy. It's not hard to find something you can't stand.
It's harder. You have to give up your complete control; share it now.
The hardest part?
It's smiling at your dad.
Doesn't sound so hard?
I'm not done.
The hardest part is smiling at your dad; and knowing he has no idea who you are.
The hardest part is smiling at your dad; and know that he'll never understand you.
The hardest part is watching the news and trying not to cry because people in New York are in love;
And he scoffs at the TV.
The hardest part?
It's not existing.
It's not living.
It's not hate.
It's not love.
The hardest part-
It's this.
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 1 0
I H A T E Florida
Florida is beautiful;
Bright palm trees
And the warm sun
And the perfect, tumbling waves:
I hate every inch.
I hate the sun
Waves crashing.
I hate the houses
I hate the dolphins
I hate the pull;
That painful draw that I feel
To return to see the white-crested waves.
Everytime I find someone;
Everytime I love someone;
Florida calls them away from me.
What's so special about it anyway?
Is it the ocean?
Orange trees?
What's so important?
Am -I- made to belong there;
Is this my (not-so)-subtle hint that I'm supposed to leave home and go?
Is that what this bone-deep pull is?
I don't know.
I don't care.
:iconbreathingisoptional:BreathingIsOptional 0 3

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[My real name here,] I love you to death and always will but you need to realize there is a difference between opinion and fact! Being born gay or choosing later in life is an opinion....gays bitching they have no rights when they actually have WAY more than straight people is a fact. Gays having some severe phsycological issues, fact. The immorality of being gay, fact!
Everything has an opposite, you can't plug two lamp cords together and produce anything so what makes u think u can put to dicks or vaginas together and it will work!? If being gay was in our nature then we would have been created to do so! Some of the worst viruses originated and spread because of gays, serious other medical issues occur as is hazardous and just plain wrong and as much as I appreciate u being man enough to apologize, I cannot forgive u. U can do what u want but me and my family will not be a part of it if it is immoral.
Go to a psychiatrist and get some help...being gay is the same as being addicted to drugs or alcohol, or porn, or murder....its all an outlet for deeper issues, an escape from reality.

This is a response to an APOLOGY from my brother, Daniel. I did not change anything other than the name... (And added a single v to a misspelled word.)
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Zekora Alyison Blaze
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United States
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Favourite style of art: Free Verse Poetry
Operating System: Windows7
Favourite cartoon character: Noodle (Gorillaz), Karkat Vantas, Gamzee Makara (Homestuck)
Personal Quote: Veterra Anatsun which means 'Love Falls' in my own language


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